Who I work with

I work primarily with adults but do keep a small caseload of teens and adolescents who need a supportive and trusting adult in their life. My typical client is between the ages of 20 and 50 and has struggled with understanding their feelings or letting their emotions get the best of them. If you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or lashing out at others then this might be you.


Understanding your past – Do you carry a lot of crap around that you feel like you need to let go of in order to move forward in life.

Men’s Issues – Men face unique issues as husbands, fathers, and providers.

Struggling in your faith – While I can’t help you be “better” at your faith, we can explore what’s going on together.

Career Issues – If you’re crying because you have to go to work or hate your every day life because of it, let’s talk.

General Practice

Depression: sadness, low self-esteem, feeling hopeless, fatigue, poor motivation, lack of sex drive, decreased enjoyment in usual activities

Anxiety/fear: excessive worry, panic attacks, racing thoughts, concern about being perfect, “good enough” or “fitting-in”, rigid need for control, perfectionism, inflexible rules, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors

Codependence: partners and children of alcoholics and substance abusers

Workplace and School Issues: conflict with co-workers or teachers and peers