I’ve never done counseling before. How does this go?
The basic overview is pretty simple. You call and we chat about what’s going on in your life. If together, we feel that I can help you, we schedule an your first appointment. All sessions, including the initial assessment, are about an hour. After your first appointment, we’ll meet as frequently as we need to in order to address your issue. See the Services page for more detail.

What is the cost and why don’t you take insurance?
For the sake of transparency, if you’re looking for low-cost affordable therapy, I am not your best option. My fee is based on many factors, including my education, experience, and my results. The cost of the initial assessment is $130. Following appointments are $110.

Why don’t I take insurance? This is one of the most common questions I get. There are a few reasons. 1. Anything I put in your medical record stays in your medical record. I don’t like that. A diagnosis shouldn’t follow you around forever since many issues are resolved in therapy. 2.The insurance companies require that we provide a diagnosis for everything we do. In the real world, some people don’t fit neatly into diagnostic boxes 3. The insurance companies dictate how a therapist can practice. If I decide to use a treatment that they don’t pay for, they won’t. If they decide they’re done paying for your treatment, then you’re done with treatment. Being private pay, we work together to decide the best course of action for your therapy.

What are your credentials?
I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Malone University, a Master’s Degree from Case Western Reserve University, am a Licensed Independent Social Worker (Clinical) with Supervisory status, and am certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming. I have had various articles published in local and national publications and have authored several self-help books. I also appear on radio, in print, and on tv to discuss mental health and sociopolitical issues.

Do you work with . . .?
There are just some things I’m not super great at working with. If you are seeking family therapy, I would encourage you to seek someone who has specific training in family work. I also suggest you work with someone else if you are working through custody issues with children, partner violence, or depression with suicidal ideations.