What Does it Mean to be Oppressed?

Oppression is an interesting word to me. Google says it means prolonged, cruel, or unjust treatment or control. So, when people say they are oppressed, do they literally mean they are experiencing prolonged cruel, and unjust treatment or control? Maybe they do. I’m just not sure I understand where they’re coming from. Have I experienced cruel or unjust treatment? Sure. For anyone who attended middle school, the answer to that question will almost certainly always […]

We Can’t Help Everyone

I’m all for helping people. Heck, I’m a social worker. I’m actually a mental health therapist, but my degrees are in social work and I studied social work because I wanted to figure out how to change the world. Turns out I haven’t changed the world. The sad reality is that most people won’t (although I’m not going to quit trying) Most of us will do our best to help the world and during our […]

What is Your Purpose?

That’s a large question. Some people spend many years contemplating and pursuing their purpose in life. There are entire books written about this subject. I’m certainly not going to be able to cover this topic in around 500 words. These posts are written to get people asking questions. People always talk about life in this way. “Figure out what you want to do with your life, then go do that thing.” Do they not realize […]

Do You Want to Change?

A primary starting point that a lot of people seem to miss in counseling is this: You have to want to help yourself. As a therapist, friend, colleague, or any role in life, I cannot help you if you do not want to help yourself. That’s not to say just because you aren’t helping yourself doesn’t mean you don’t want to. You may very well want to help yourself and just don’t know how to. […]

Your Good Life

Some people want to be rich. Some people say they don’t care about money. Some people want to be social. Other people don’t mind being alone. If you have what you want in life, what another person has won’t matter so much to you. But when we start comparing ourselves to other people, we often lose sight of what’s important to us and what isn’t. Think about what you want in your own life. Most […]

Letter to editor – Published in the Akron Beacon Journal

This article is my response to a story published in the Akron Beacon Journal about a racist incident in a local school district. My response was published as letter to the editor. Link The Oct. 13 article “Rootstown launches discussion about race” was an interesting read for my family.  I’m biracial and from Akron. My wife, who is white, grew up in Rootstown and was raising her daughter there when we met. When my wife […]

Be More Childlike

The things we learn as children we often forget. Be nice to people. If you want to make friends, go talk to someone. If you do something mean, just apologize. It’s kind of crazy how once we become adults we tend to complicate things. Even the most basic things we complicate. There was an instance when I was a teen. I saw a young boy playing in his yard by himself and I, as a […]

A New Focus for my Work

If you’ve followed my writing at all then you’ll notice my writing will look different in the coming months. That’s because the focus of my work and attention has shifted. If you know me personally, you know I love policy and politics. I do separate the two because most people know politics and not everyone gets policy. I like the WWF factor of politics, but enjoy the real life implications of policy work. If we’ve […]

The Importance of Good Friends

Good friends are hard to find. For some. For others, we’re lucky enough to have people placed in our lives who we just click with. When that happens, I think we have to cherish it. This won’t be so much a blog as an acknowledgment to good people. “Community,” for me is a sense of comfort that comes from being in being in the company of people who care about each other. Not everyone has […]

Small Things Become Big Things

A lot of people might say I’m tightly wound. I’d say that they’re just not wound tight enough. But there’s a reason I don’t let up sometimes. I’m partly joking. I could certainly stand to let up a bit, but I like to avoid the slippery slope. The slippery slope of lowering my expectations or falling into things that you didn’t expect. Here’s an example. It might seem like a small thing to say, “My […]

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