About Therapy

Philosophy & Approach

My approach emphasizes helping you learn about yourself, identify real ways to make changes, and start living the life you want. Changing your mindset is often the first step in making a change. Once we do that, we can talk about how you can begin to implement the tangible changes you’d like to see in your life.

I primarily practice therapy that focuses on solutions, not problems. We will work together to identify and resolve why you can’t make the changes you want to. It’s common that most people know what they want to change, they just don’t know to make it happen. That’s where I come in.

If you do not already have a goal in mind, we will develop your goal for therapy, but a mutual goal of ours will be for you to immediately reduce the intensity of the issue you face while learning to create long-term change.

What to Expect

Sessions are about an hour long. The goal of our initial session is to get to know you and the heart of your issues. Often, people come to therapy when they are overwhelmed and at the end of their rope. You lead the way. We talk about what’s on your mind and what’s going on. As you progress in therapy, you will become more comfortable with sharing your inner thoughts and where we will address the core of your issues.

Frequency & Duration

How often and how long you attend therapy depends on the difficulty you face in life. Typically, the larger your stressors, the more frequently we will meet and for a longer period of time. There are patients who attend therapy for a few sessions and others who attend for years.