Don’t Man Up. Speak Up.

I work with men to help them deal with and discuss the issues we face but don’t talk about. Wouldn’t therapy feel more comfortable if you felt like you were watching the game with a buddy while chatting about what’s going on in your life instead of sitting on a couch talking to a therapist? That’s wat it’s like in my office. Together we’ll address and overcome the issues you’re facing through a direct, focused, and lasting approach.

I practice solutions-focused therapy designed to help you identify your issues, build a plan, and create lasting solutions. Over 8-12 sessions or 2-3 months, you will gain clarity, work to resolve your issues, and know-how to continue reaching your goals long after therapy ends.

My passion is helping guys work through issues specifically related to the stress men face – being a husband, a father, and a provider. We know that men are often too embarrassed or too afraid to talk about the issues they’re facing. You don’t have to do it alone.