Are you looking for a counselor who will help you take a conscious, intentional, and no excuses approach to making changes in their life? Too often we let our past hold us back and keep us saying things like, “I just feel stuck.” Life may be good for you. You may not really have any “reason” to complain, but you do. Life just isn’t what you want it to be because you know you’re holding onto the depression, anxieties, and issues from the past which keeps you from living the life you imagine.

I help people learn how to let go of their past and free themselves from the hurt that accompanies feeling like your past defines you. Through direct feedback, I will teach you how to learn about and understand the issues most affecting you.

Most of us can’t get through life alone. If you’re anything like me, that probably didn’t stop you from trying. It wasn’t until I started to find and engage supportive people in my life that I really started to make the changes I wanted to see in my life. If you’re ready to take your first steps to take control of your life, don’t hesitate.